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Learn all about the Joomla platform. How to use it, key features, updates and more. Our tutorials and guides will help you.

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Hosting Basics

What makes a great Joomla Hosting Company? How do you choose the best Joomla host? Start with the basics.joomla-hosting-basics

From here we can teach you the what you need to know. We provide key tips for choosing the best host, terms and definitions commonly used in the hosting and Joomla community. Have you learned the different types of web hosting? This will be a good place to start to get the answer to that, and many other questions.

Installing Joomla

Working with a one-click installer? Are you going to install manually?


Most large companies offer software that will install joomla in one click. Learn how to install Joomla at HostGator, Using Fantanstico at Site5, or SimpleScripts at Bluehost. These are some popular guides, but there are many more.

Joomla Designs

Want to improve the look and feel of your Joomla site? What's the best way to style Joomla?


We have guides to help you learn if Joomla is the best content management system for you. We have put together an article about the best templates for Joomla as well as 5 excellent footer designs. There are many more articles to see, just take a look.

Improving Performance

Is this as fast as joomla can go? Lean ways to increase the performance of your Joomla website.


Some of these guides will be for advanced Joomla users. Joomla is naturally a pretty fast design, but there are ways you can increase it's speed. There are even steps you can take to monitor it's speed.