Joomla Hosting Requirements

joomla-hosting-requirementsJoomla is actually a pretty easy to run CMS (Content Management System). It doesn't require a whole lot from your hosting provider, which is good. At we are obviously Joomla users, and that is because of it's light and indepth interface.

However, Joomla is also good because it is light on the server side as well. This article will go over the system requirements needed for any Joomla installation to work.

Joomla Hosting Requirements:

  • You will need a web host that allows you to install Joomla. Either through an easy installer or through FTP.
  • Access and control of MySQL Database (phpMyAdmin is ideal)
  • Tech support? Do you need assistence? Make sure the hosting provider will help you, if you need it.

Joomla Technical Requirements*:

Microsoft IIS76

*Source -

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