Joomla 2.5 New Features

joomla-25-new-featuresJoomla 2.5 is a key benchmark for the open source CMS world. Since the release of 1.5 several years ago, a new stable version had yet to be released... Until NOW!

2.5 offers new features that will add stability and security to Joomla. These new tools and features will also make Joomla that much easier to use

New Features List:

1. New Search Function

There is now a new type of search function which is referred to as, "Natural Language Search Function". Basically what this means is that the search is faster and smoother because data on your site is indexed by Joomla.

Stemming and Auto-Completion are part of the search bar now. Stemming is using the root of a word to find the matches. Auto-Complete is when their are suggested search terms generated matching the word you start to type.

2. Support For Many Types Of Databases

New drivers now exist for databases besides SQL databases. Some of the databases that will be supported soon are PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite and PDO. MS SQL databases are now supported.

3. Update Notifications

Because of high demand, Joomla created a notification area in the administrator control panel that shows if Joomla is up to date. This will let you know everytime you need to upgrade.

There is also an extension update notification area. All extensions that have been built to be compatitble with this feature will work. You will see if any of the extensions are out of date.

4. Database Version Fix Button

Mostly for those who will update Joomla by FTP, this new button applies all new changes from the Joomla update to the database.

5. CAPTCHA in Core

Use reCAPTCHA as part of the core. A plugin is now part of the Joomla core that allows you to place CAPTCHA's in your forms easily.

6. Linking New Menus With A Module

Joomla 1.6 & 1.7 did not create a module for every new menu created. In Joomla 2.5 if there is no module assigned to a menu, a quick link is takes you directly to the area to create a new module.

7. Create stardardlized Layouts

You can create layouts that are standardized for all types of articles using the "Images and Links" options in the right column of the article. You can specify a particular picture, text, URL's, and more to be consistent throughout a set of articles.

8. New User Register Email Notification Switch

When a new user registers on your Joomla site, you now have the ability to turn of the email notification if you wish.

9. Menu Item Note

 There were already Notes in the module area that remind you what the module was for. Now Notes are available for menu items too!

10. Custom Text Filters

 In global configuration it is now possible to blacklist by adding certain tags and attributes to the list. This keeps a select user group from using the tag or attribute. Using a whitelist allows you to make a custom group capible of using certain tags/attributes.

11. More Filtering Flexibility By Category In Article Manager

In article manager when sorting by category the option to select "Max Levels" is available. This makes sites with lots of subcategories much easier to navigate in article manager.

12. Manager For Language Overrides

Easier language override management means you can select a langauge key that is built in to the core and change it's text.

13. User Notes

Leave notes about a user. This gives you a text box and a date to leave any type of note that you want about a specific user.

14. Flexible Newsfeed Order

In Newsfeed Manager it is now possible to select the order from either "Most Recent" or "Oldest First".

15. Image Option For The Offline Page

This makes it easy to set up an image to display should you take your site offline in Global Configuration.

16. Site Offline Option During Install

Joomla used to be online as soon as you finished installation. Now, during installation you are given the choice to have Joomla be offiline after install completes.

17. Better Performance In Menu Item Edit Page

Instead of loading "Menu Item Type" when creating a menu item, Joomla now waits for you to select it manually. This saves load time by not having this list loaded when you don't need it to.

18. Status Display In Backend Enhanced

The size of the status display in the backend of Joomla is much smaller to prevent overcrowding.

19. Filter Frontend 'Who's Online' By User Group

Limit the display of users on your site to those in the same user groups as that user.

20. Check For Native ZIP Support During Install

This checks to see if your host has Native ZIP on the server during installation. Native ZIP is much faster than using PHP to unzip archived files.

21. Syndicate Text Label More Flexible

The option of displaing specific text next to the syndicate icon was available. 2.5 allows you to simply turn off this text is you desire.

22. Alternate Meta Tags For Multi-lingual Sites

Set meta tags with different languages in the menu items referring to corresponding menu pages.

23. Menu Item Different Languages Same Alias In Multi-lingual

This will allow you to have the same alias for the same menu items that are in different languages.

Looks like this:


24. SEO Language Code Improvement

Allows the search engine to see a more appropriate country code that is expected. When the Joomla language pack may use a different code.

25. Debug Plugin Gets Formatting

For those who actually have to dig through mountains of information looking for a bug, Joomla formatted the debug to be much more easy to read and use. Using colors to highlight areas of interest.

26. A True Autoloader For The CMS

Keeping the CMS and Joomla Platform in separate files keeps it easy to find which area the item needed is located.

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