Best Joomla 2.5 Extensions

best-extension-joomlaAll of the extensions you see listed here are ones we have used or have been recommended to us. If you have extensions that you like or know work well lets us know and we’ll add it to our site.

Management Tools

Admin Tools: A suite of tools that help you manage Joomla. It comes with a Joomla core update, emergency off-line, master password, permissions configuration, fix permissions and a whole lot more. Admin Tools Official

Akeeba Backup: Backs up all of your files including the those at the top level. Easy backup that you can do whenever. You can also use the backup file to migrate and restore files. Akeeba Backup Official

JavaScript Control: Speed up the loading time of your Joomla site by having the choice which scripts are loaded. Choose between Mootoos-core.js, Mootools-more.js, Core.js, and Caption.js. Any and all of these can be disabled. Some templates/components require these files, so do some testing. JavaScript Control Official

sh404SEF: Gives you complete control over your URLs. This is by-far the best URL manager out there for Joomla. Set URL rules, manage specific urls, add aliases, redirects, log 404 errors, add meta titles/descriptions and more. sh404SEF Official

NoNumber Extension Manager

NoNumber is the company behind a bunch of plugins for Joomla like We have all of those extensions installed, so check them out as well. NoNumber Official

  • Cache Cleaner - Inserts and easy to find cache cleaner on the Joomla top-right tool bar.
  • CDN for Joomla - gives you an easy way to set up your CDN. Select which file types are include, exclude files, and add multiple CDN hosts.
  • Modules Anywhere - Create modules and use short codes for example to call modules... anywhere.
  • Advanced Module Manager - Includes new features to the module manager area of Joomla. Sort modules by color and lets you assign modules to pretty much anything.

Content Editor

JCE (Joomla Content Editor): Most Joomla users favorite content editor. Usually known as WYSIWYG editors, content editors make it easy to format text, add html and CSS to your posts by adding an easy to use tool bar above the text area. JCE Official

Performance Tools

JCH Optimize: Gives you the control to combine CSS files, GZip files, minify files, exclude files, and much more. We like it for it’s minification abilities, but use ScriptMerge to combine files. JCH Optimize Official

JotCache: A caching tool that replaces the Joomla Core Cache. This tool is great because it works well and it gives you two important options: to exclude pages or components from being cached. JotCache Official

ScriptMerge: This tool gives you an easy way to merge and compress CSS and JS documents. We like it because it allows you to exclude certain files that you need to exclude. ScriptMerge Official

Generated Content/Syndication

OBRSS: makes it easy to manage all of your RSS feeds. It comes with the unique feature to combine rss feeds into one feed. It comes with RSS feed types: Banners, Content, RSS Merge, and Weblinks. OBRSS Official

Xmap: Gives you control over your site map. Letting you include and exclude menus, add CSS classes and compress XML. It also gives your SiteMap a SEF URL to link to from your site as well as an XML sitemap for your analytics. Xmap Official

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