Best Joomla 2.5 Templates

We have searched the internet for these templates. Hopefully you will find what you're looking for. Also, check out the front of our site to get started with Joomla hosting for your first website if you have not already.

This is our collection of the best Joomla 2.5 templates available. Take a look and let us know what you think! If you find one you like and it's not listed, Contact us!

Paid: Appsite by Gavick


This template is built with the look of a site that designed for an application. It has a lot of unique design elements that separate it from the competition.

Free: Oliverio by Globbers


Clean and simple designed Joomla template. Oliverio is a Free template that is a great place to build your site.

Paid: Musicity by Gavick


Created to feature extension JomSocial, this template focuses on turning any site into a community of music lovers.

Paid: JM-Bio-Store by Joomla-Monster


Bio-Store brings all the elements of organic, eco-friendly living into one perfect Joomla template that has great functionality and design. It comes with VirtueMart and a functionality that is adjusted with just a few clicks.

Paid: Coffe by Gavick


Start your own specialty coffee website with this great looking organic template. The texture appeals to all creative and social types while oozing an aura of your favorite coffee.

Paid: Sporter by Gavick


Sporter puts the power of Joomla to work for you in a sports news website design that makes use of great text, photo and video capability. This template for joomla is perfect for the sports lovers.

Paid: JM-Fashion-Store by Joomla-Monster


Designed with fashion in mind, this flexible template comes complete with ecommerce extension VirtueMart. Customize Joomla modules colors and other pieces in just a few clicks.

Paid: Lonosphere by Rocket Theme


Highly customizable theme built on the Gantry framework. 12 present styles, mobile phone viewing capability, 84 module positions and much more. A great Joomla template.

Paid: Clarion by Rocket Theme


A highly professional looking Joomla template with great design. It's easy to customize the pictures, text and modules to get this theme looking exactly the way you want.

Paid: Halcyon


Easily turn your Joomla website into a ecommerce store that can earn money! Use preinstalled extensions to easily create a webstore for people to buy products.

Free: Hotel by SiteGround


Designed to highlight an easy to use website that is specific to the hotel industry, this Joomla template fits right into your easy to maintain and functional website.

Free: Simplicity - II by JoomShaper


Have your own simple, clean Joomla website with this free template. Easy to install and use, it comes with all the modules you need to get Joomla running perfectly.

Free: Neutrino by Theme Republic


A slick looking Joomla theme that is free! Designed with content in mind, the designers make it easy to spotlight what is important on each post.

Paid: Business 2.0 by Theme Republic


A professional business theme that has plenty of space for graphics and content. Try all sorts of different styles with the Joomla Business 2.0 Template.

Free: Orange Theme by

This is a pretty straightforward theme with a cool slideshow. The boxes in the middle of the showcase area rotate when the images change. This is a pretty cool Joomla template.

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