Top 10 Joomla Template Clubs

Template clubs are just like they sound. They are subscription based (paid) template services that offer more than other template companies.

They are good because they are maintained by a professional design staff, have good support and are constantly updating to match the web's newest standards. Reasons to get involved with a template club? It's absolutely great when you are building a professional website and what you need is a well supported template that you can work with easily.

So without further adeau here is our list!

1. RocketTheme


RocketTheme is a serious Joomla template development club. They even have their own framework, Gantry, which is highly recognized. They have many different templates that stretch accross different genres.


2. Shape5


Shape5 buildes excellent templates with a great sense of design. Last I looked they had over 64 to choose from. According to their website they have 135,000 members. They develop some of their own extensions that are available to members.

3. JoomlArt


Joomla Art has over 7 years of Joomla template building experience. They have developed a framework that all of their themes run on called "T3 Framework". They have 220,000+ club memebers. They also provide excellent support and have over 155 Joomla templates.

4. IceTheme


Up to date and backed by the support staff that customers will be 100% happy or else they get a refund. Fast support and easy to use interfaces help to make IceTheme a good choice. They have 15,500+ members and counting.

5. Joomla Designs


Joomla Designs is a european company that excels at having a wide variety of templates to choose from. They are all supported by a professional design team who are friendly and helpful. They have over 150 designs.

6. JoomlaShack


Started in 2005 JoomlaShack offers up to date templates that are masterfully crafted and built to last. Using the Wright Framlework, they are able to keep a consistent set of options and extentions as part of their club. They have 55+ Joomla designs.

7. Joomlavi

Joomlavi buildes it's own set of supported templates based on their JV Framework. They have 30+ template designs and they are all supported through their staff.

8. HotJoomlaTemplates


With a set of exquisite templates for Joomla, HotJoomlaTemplates have some of the most professional designs around. Subscription gets you access to all of their templates and support.

9. Joomlabamboo


These guys make a great set of templates, and they demonstrate it live with their site which is elegant and clean. They have 80+ templates that are all very modern and clean. Get your site looking web 2.0 in a matter of minutes of sign up with them.

10. You! Joomla

Check out the great set of templates they have. With 75,000 club members, they have a huge draw within the Joomla community. They have 90+ professionally supported templates that look great and make Joomla easy to use.

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