How to Choose the best Joomla Host

how-to-choose-joomla-hostingYour whole search for a Joomla hosting comes down to this one question, "What is the best Joomla Hosting Company?" Well we understand the frustration. In fact, that is why we created this website.

Hopefully this article will help to end your search for a hosting company for your website. If you want to jump straight to the top Joomla hosting list that is a great place to start.

The list is compiled from our experience and the experience of others.  Keep reading to learn more about how we search for our favorite hosting companies.


1. Monthly Hosting Budget?

You are not going to escape paying for hosting. Unless you find some really round-about way of gettin free hosting, paying for hosting is simply a crucial step in maitaining a website.

How much should you pay per month?

  • Less than $5/month: Budget Hosting
    This is good for a mom and pop shop down the street. You will likely get all that you need to host your own website. But some features will be limited. Such as: domain name registration, hosted domains, limited bandwidth/webspace, etc...
  • Up to $10/month: Shared Hosting
    A majority of websites fall into this category. This can work with website like that of a popular band to a modest sized ecommerce site. We recommend HostGator and Site5. If you're not sure what to choose. this category is likely this is your best option.
  • $10 to $30/month: Business Hosting
    If your website makes you money online or offline, having it running smoothy is a high priority. If it is large, continually updated or gets a lot of hits, you will want to budget for this type of hosting. We recommend CloudAccess for this amount of money. This category usually has more tech support options, security options and is optimized with search engines.
  • $30 to $250/month: VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting
    VPS gives you the control and reliability you need without the cost of a dedicated server. Allows you to configure software on the server itself.
  • $100 to $500/month: Dedicated Server Hosting
    This is the best option apart from setting up your own server. It allows you to configure software installed onto the server. Also the physical hardware is literally separate from other servers. You will be able to maximize the space that you require.

 2. Hosting Resources Required?

Most hosting companies are going to provide unlimited hosting. That means if you are running one Joomla install, you will only need one database. That means you can have multiple installs of Joomla, if the plan has unlimited database installs.

Disk Space and Bandwidth (Data Transfer) are important to pay attention to. Measuring your site's needs will help you get a perspective on what to look for.

Email is important to pay attention to as well. If you are going to want to manage the accounts under the same domain name as the website you are hosting, it is important to have control of this.

Managing resources should be easy as well. Check to see what type of Control Panel they offer.

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3. Level of Tech Support Requried?

The less time you want to spend with a technical support representative the higher level of technical support you will want to purchase. NO hosting company will be without fault. There will be some errors or downtime, but the difference is in how the company handles it. Often time those things are unavoidable.

Live chat is great, and some companies like HostGator and Site5 have mastered tech chat support.

Phone support is always great. You are likely to get a better response if you know the right questions to ask. Learning the technical side a little bit will help you converse with them.

Email can be good. Just look for a response time. You don't want to be waiting more than an hour for a response, unless it's a minor question.

Social Networking has been utilized by the larger companies as a PR and customer complaint area. Send them a tweet or post on their Facebook page for, a sometimes immediate, response.

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4. Hosting Company Size?

 Do you want a hosting company with 1000+ employees? How about less than 50 employees? Size only matters if you're looking for a couple of things.

Large Hosting Companys

  • Established web presence
  • Access to lots of resources
  • Standardized plans that anyone can use
  • Companies like 1&1 and GoDaddy

There are also other factors that may come into effect for small, medium, and large hosting companies that have nothing to do with size. For instance

Key Factors for All Sizes Hosting Companies

  • Years of hosting experience
  • Personal technical support
  • Fast response time
  • Advanced IT team
  • Companies like Rochen and HostGator

5. Joomla Support Required?

The section 3 begs a good question; how much Joomla tech support will you need? Are you confident that no matter which company you go with, you will be able to handle an issue?

The less control you have over the problem, the more you will want a good technical support team. This also means being able to get the answer to a Joomla question as soon as it arrises. Make sure you check to see what each company says about their Joomla expertise.

If you are needing Joomla help as part of the hosting plan, consider using Rochen or BuyHTTP.

6. Still Stumped?

Now that you have a better idea of how to search for your Joomla hosting company, here are several top rated lists with different search options used as the judge.

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