Joomla 3.0 Installer

This installer was redesigned for 3.0 and above to highly simplify the look and clarity of the install process. This is not necessarily a tutorial on how to install Joomla 3.0 but you will see some basic features that you will need to know about for this release.

1. Configuration Tab


The overview of the whole new install Joomla 3.0 process

Configuration Tab: Main Configuration (Left Column)

  1. Selecting the language that will display on the backend or administrator side of the Joomla site
  2. Enter in a site name for your new site. This is a human readable name for people to see.
  3. Discription of the site is used as your site's meta description. But it may also show up in other areas if an extension or plugin uses it.
  4. Site Offline is a mode you can set to only allow registered users to enter the site. Good for development sites.

Configuration Tab: Main Configuration (Right Column)

  1. Enter the email for the admin of the site. This is where pertanent Joomla installation information will be sent (forgotten password, etc...).
  2. Enter the administrator's username. This is the main, Super User that has control over the whole site.
  3. Pick a password for your username. Then confirm that password.
  4. Click next to continue on the next section

2. Database


This is the overview of the databases section

Database: Database Configuration

  1. Database type can be left on "MySQLi". Unless otherwise specified, this will work for a majority of websites.
  2. Host Name can be left as "localhost". Unless otherwise specified, this will work for a majority of websites.
  3. Username is the user you create to access to the database. You must have configured this before starting.
  4. Password to your database username. You must have configured this before starting.
  5. Database name that your new Joomla site will access. You must have configured this before starting.
  6. Table Prefix does not need to be changed. All new Joomla installs randomly generate the table prefix now for security purposes.
  7. Old database process can be left alone unless you know what to do.

3. Overview Of Installation


Here is what you will see after you set up everything. There are more tables below this image.

Overview Of Installation: Finalization

  1. Decide if you want sample data to be installed onto your new site. Sample data will populate Joomla with sample articles, modules, menus and more to help you get an idea of what you're working with. It can be helpful to new Joomla users, but gets in the way if you have used Joomla a lot.
  2. Email configuration can be turned on to send to you the installation overview after it completes. The second option allows you to send the password in that same email.

Overview Of Installation: PreInstallation Check


All of these settings must be green with "Yes" next to them to continue.

Overview Of Installation: Recommended Settings


Not all of these have to be green. Though if they do not match up, you could experence some website issues.

Congradulation Screen!


This is what it looks like once you have completely installed Joomla. Click "Site" to visit your site on the frontend. Click "Administrator" to login to the backend of the administrator control panel.

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