This is a list of our favorite Joomla Hosting Resources. This list will continue to grow. It will be a good idea to bookmark this page and return occasionally to see what we have added!

The resources listed here are places that we find helpful and expect that you will as well. Whether it is for Joomla or Hosting or whatever else we think is good, we hope it helps you find what you are looking for.



Extentions We Use:

sh404SEF - URL manager -

JReviews - Comprehensive review manager with listing pages, review attributes and more -

NoNumber Extention Manager - A suite of powerful extentions that help you manage Joomla -

Xmap - Sitemap generator. Easy to use. Comes with XML and HTML version for search engine webmaster tools -

Scrolling Share Bar - A stylish bar that floats left of content with social sharing buttons -

JotCache - A powerful caching plugin that replaces the system cache and adds option to exclude pages from caching -

Script Merge - A simple plugin that allows you to merge Javascript and CSS files for faster load times -

JCH Optimize - Combine Javascript and CSS files. Minify HTML, CSS, JS files -

JavaScript Control - Choose which Javascript files are loaded in this plugin -

Online Backup:

Online Backup Search - Go here to get help with online backup, server backup, reviews of cloud storage companies -


More to be added soon!

About The Author

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